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Positive change

Our ‘Positive change’ service supports those who are single or within the family unit, we accept referrals from men and women who are;

  • At risk of offending
  • Currently Offending
  • Have a history of offending

We offer practical 1-2-1 support to improve circumstances which lead to difficult relationships and home environments, to prevent and reduce incidents of domestic abuse.

If you require support for any of the following reasons then the ‘positive change’ service can help you.

  • Financial well being
  • Mental Health well being
  • Housing needs or resettlement from prison
  • Substance or alcohol misuse
  • Support through the criminal justice System
  • Social Inclusion
  • Family Support
  • Anger Management

We offer non judgmental advice and support.

If you are not sure whether you may be at risk of domestic abuse or at risk of perpetrating domestic abuse please see our checklists to help you.

Download our referral form and return it to

Referral For Positive Change