Vision and Values

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‘To live life free from abuse or abusing’ 


  • Listen to the voice of the victim. 
  • Provide intervention support for families effected by domestic abuse. Including the  abused, abuser and effected children.  
  • Work in partnership with other agencies in the fight against abuse. 
  • Raise the awareness of domestic abuse within our communities. Give the victims the confidence to be brave in adversity and report abuse and seek help.   
  • Empower those effected by domestic abuse to create a safer, happier home environment. 


  • To allow people to make their own decisions. We believe that those we support have the right to an informed choice and to make their own decisions. 
  • Confidentiality. We believe in providing an environment to talk openly and safely. 
  • To work without judgement. We believe that all individuals matter, whether that be the victim or perpetrator. You can come and speak to us without being judged or rejected.
  • To work transparently. We will work open and honestly with those who instill their trust in us, support us or work with us. 
  • To persevere. To accept, if now is not the right time and to always leave our door open, never turning anyone away.